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A Major Element In Construction Of An Elegant Bathrooms – Shower Trays

Shower Trays | Buy Rectangular Shower Trays Online UK | Elegant Showers

A perfect shower would be useless without the proper shower tray. It might seem small; however, it is a crucial element in the efficient functioning of your shower. However well-equipped you have your shower, without having the correct Shower tray, it’s undoubtedly ineffective. The tray will make showering more enjoyable and more enjoyable.

Today, there are a range of models on the market to select

They are available in various sizes and shapes. It is easy to locate the one that meets your requirements, such as square or quadrant ones. Find one that is compatible with your shower. The shower tray is the most well-known type, available in quadrant styles with dimensions of approximately 760 x 760.

When it comes to the materials that are used, acrylic ones are the most durable since they are made of cold-cast resin. They are durable and will not break even after prolonged usage. The surface could have a skid-resistant base. There are also caddies or totes, which can be put up or hung inside your shower enclosure to keep body washes, shampoos, loofahs, and various bathroom aids in your reach.

Before installing a tray for showers

Before installing a tray for showers, one must consider the amount of water that can be able to drain from the tray when showering. There may be a need for a recessed drain if the water drains from the floor. The tray should be placed from the beginning before the enclosure is constructed. This is to avoid any changes in the tray size that may be caused by the tiles or sealants used within the enclosure. The shower tray needs to be sealed with a strong seal to stop any leakage from the water joints. The entire unit should be sealed and secured safely.

Ensure the tray is properly installed in your bathroom before installing the shower enclosure. You should opt for frames for various models available as they don’t accumulate dirt easily. When purchasing the enclosure, ensure it doesn’t have any defects. To determine any leaks in the frame, spray water on the structure and glass. If there are even the tiniest of leaks, replace the frame.

Frameless enclosures are ideal for flat-topped shower trays made of stone resin. They provide the largest shower space for use.

Shower trays come in various sizes and shapes. You can also find shower trays in squares, the most well-known form.

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Shower Trays | Buy Rectangular Shower Trays Online UK | Elegant Showers


A shower tray is obviously, as an essential component in any bathroom. It is a crucial component in helping to eliminate water efficiently. This assists in protecting the floor of your bathroom. Our shower trays are designed well and are made from top quality materials that are built to last. With an extensive assortment of items such as rectangular trays, square tray, quadrant trays as well as off-set shower trays for quadrants There’s one that will enhance the look of your bathroom. Explore the vast selection of products available as they come with fast, free flow shower waste that’s commercially viable for sale.


A shower tray is, needless to say, considered an essential accessory in any bathroom space. It holds an operative role in helping to drain away water effectively. Hence, it further helps to protect your bathroom floor. Our shower trays are well-designed as well as manufactured from high standard materials built to last. With a vast selection of products such as square trays, rectangular trays, quadrant trays and quadrant off-set shower trays, there will be this one that will surely complete your bathroom look. Look through the wide range on offer as this comes with free, fast flow shower waste that is commercially viable to the market.

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