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Best User Profile Plugin for WordPress

Best WordPress Plugin

Best User Profile Plugin for WordPress

Check out this list of the finest WordPress profiles to help you build a profile page for your members and allow them to change and manage their information from the site’s front-end.

If you’d want to learn more about the Best User Profile Plugin For WordPress, check out this post.

We’ll look at the features, usability, feedback from users, cost, and if there’s a free trial. Let’s get started, shall we?

1.    Ultimate Member

In addition to user registration and login, Ultimate Member also provides a gorgeous user profile for each and every one of your visitors. The plugin features a user dashboard that is both simple and powerful. The app also has a wide range of additional features and functionalities that may be easily accessed and used. It’s a fantastic piece of work that’s both lightweight and expandable.

Additionally, the plugin delivers seven sample pages to your WordPress site as soon as you install it (Account, Login, Logout, Members, Password Reset, Register, and User). As a result, activating the plugin completes half of the work.

2.    Youzer is a Community & User Profiles Plugin

We recommend Youzer as the Best User Profile Plugin For the WordPress community and user profile needs. Your website’s users will have a lot more room to express themselves and engage with one other using this tool’s robust set of capabilities.

Among the many distinguishing features of Youzer are its modern, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing design (14 Header Styles), a robust admin panel with over 700 options, 16 color schemes, +22 profile widgets, +22 WordPress widgets, a unique 404 page, and the ability to add an infinite number of custom tabs and widgets.

As part of the Youzer membership system, you can manage signups using social login and registration, ajax log-in, pop-up ajax log-in and unlimited registration fields; information privacy; captcha; limit login attempts system; hide the dashboard and toolbar for users; +240 forms style; and much more!!

Additionally, Youzer is compatible with a slew of well-known plugins, like BuddyPress, bbPress, woo-commerce, mycred, and mail chimp. The Youzer plugin has proven itself to be the greatest community and user profiles plugin on the market for all of these reasons and more.

3.    ProfilePress

ProfilePress is a fantastic plugin for creating user registration forms and profiles that are tailored to the needs of individual users. In addition, you can create a user login and password reset forms and member directories with the plugin to efficiently manage your users.

In the meanwhile, you may use ProfilePress to build bespoke registration and login forms that you can then use to replace the default registration and login pages. Customize email templates for admins and users with this plugin. Premium add-ons allow you to use social login and passwordless login.

4.    ProfileGrid

For free, ProfileGrid is the most powerful free user Best User Profile Plugin For WordPress that can also be used for organizations, communities, and premium membership websites as well as restricted content websites, directories, and other types of websites.

Some great features make it possible that you won’t want the premium plugin at all if you use this. Basic support is included, so you won’t be left behind, but don’t expect more!

5.    Profile Builder

Over 50,000 sites utilize Profile Builder, which has a 4.7-star rating on more than 490 reviews at offers a free edition as well as a paid version with a slew of extra features. All things “profile-related,” including the front-end, can be handled using Profile Builder.

  • Forms for registration can be found here.
  • Profiles
  • Forms for logging in

Additional features like multiple forms/profile pages, WooCommerce sync, and much more are available in the premium edition.

6.    Theme My Login

The popular free plugin Theme My Login allows you to bypass WordPress’ core login/registration functionality and create custom front-end pages that match the rest of your theme. There are over 100,000 sites where it’s active, but the average rating is only 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

Only the login and registration forms are included in the free version. For a cheap premium extension, you can also add support for WordPress user profile pages on the front-end. Most of the other solutions on this list are more suited to creating a simple front-end user profile than Theme My Login.

7.    Registration Magic

An excellent WordPress plugin for user registration magic, login, and basic contact form creation that lives up to its name. Using these forms, you may take money, enforce registration security, and give users responsibilities. Custom registration forms can then be used in place of WordPress’s default registration page.

Three pre-made sample forms are also included in the free plugin and may be easily copied and pasted into your own custom pages. Additionally, you can use the plugin’s built-in graphs, charts, and tables to examine every WordPress user registration form and submission.

8.    MemberPress

MemberPress is a simple-to-use plugin that has a powerful feature set. On any WordPress site, the plugin may be installed in a matter of minutes. You can set up user logins, accounts, pricing, and thank your pages for your website visitors without any effort on your part. It’s also a cinch to include your various membership packages.

By using the Best User Profile Plugin For WordPress, you can set access restrictions on a variety of different types of material. Additionally, there’s an option to allow people to see certain protected content after a predetermined amount of time. If you’re offering online courses or other educational goods, this functionality will come in handy.

MailChimp, AWeber, MadMimi, and GetResponse are all supported by the MemberPress plugin. Amazon Web Services and BluBrry can also be used to host podcasts. As a bonus, it has built-in support for both PayPal and Stripe payments.

9.    WP User Front End

When it comes to front-end post submission and memberships, WP User Front End is mostly a user profile plugin. This plugin focuses more on front-end post submission than any of the others on this list, so it might be a decent choice if you need it.

WordPress has a 4.2-star rating on more than 350 reviews from more than 30,000 active sites, according to

When it comes down to it, WP User Front End is a standard user profile plugin for WordPress. You’re allowed to:

  • Forms for logging in and registering should be placed on the front end of the website.
  • Allow users to change their profiles on the front end.

Front-end post submission and reoccurring subscriptions are where it differentiates from the other plugins. As an example, the user profile page has a built-in Submit Post button. Them can contribute material to a specific post type (e.g., a “Job” custom post type), and you can charge people for the privilege of doing so, either one-time or on a recurring basis. Also included is complete control over the appearance of the post-submission form on the front end.

10.    S2Member

In addition to the free version, S2Member provides a paid version. Anyone can access and use the plugin. Content dripping is a feature in the pro version that allows you to display certain concealed content to specific people.

The pro version supports and Stripe in addition to PayPal in the free version. MailChimp, BuddyPress, and bbPress all operate well with both versions.

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