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Eight Ways to Whiten Veneers 

teeth whitening in Dubai


Maintaining your veneers is more complex and a matter of concern than the treatment itself. It is very important to look after your veneers as soon as you get them done. Because the chances of their rapid color absorption and staining is very common. This does not mean that veneers are ineffective, it is just to know that their maintenance should be followed religiously in order to make them long lasting. This article guides you about some profound methods of teeth whitening in Dubai for veneers that are highly effective and will add some more years to your dental veneers. 

What are dental veneers?

Dental Veneers are a plastic like coating that is directly placed onto the surface of the teeth to hide imperfections, fill up spaces and add a white hue and Chroma. The treatment is done by a professional dentist and they are the only teeth whitening treatment that does not consist of hydrogen peroxide. Some people do not feel safe with hydrogen peroxide, especially those who are allergic to it. Veneers are perfect for them. 

What are some of the treatments for Teeth Whitening in Dubai? 

  • Teeth whitening strips
  •  teeth whitening kits 
  • scaling in polishing 
  • laser teeth whitening
  •  in house bleaching
  •  dental veneers( made of porcelain, EMAX and composite) 

Why Dental Veneers? 

The reason why dentists often recommend dental veneers over any other teeth whitening treatment is because: 

  •  it is chemical-free
  •   does not have multiple lengthy steps 
  •  is a non invasive treatment 
  • Veneers not only whitening the teeth but also conceal the imperfections 

What are the ways to whiten teeth? 

In order to maintain your dental veneers you need to follow some of the methods. below mentioned are the eight ways to Whiten veneers: 

  • Check your toothbrush

If you are using a very hard bristled toothbrush then it’s time to dispose it. Switch to a mild and soft bristled toothbrush so that they do not damage your veneers and evade their white colour.

  • Brush after every meal with added colors

The best method for teeth whitening in Dubai and its maintenance is to brush it after every food you have eaten that consist of added colours and flavours. These added flavours and colours are the main reason why Veneers lose their whiteness.

  • Use mouthwash 

Using mouthwash regularly can prevent staining to get permanent on the veneers or the natural teeth.

  • Keep away with home remedies

A lot of the people often used baking soda for their teeth whitening for veneers specially when they feel the veneer are turning yellow. Little do they know that genius is supposed to be kept away from baking soda because it causes porosity in the veneers and distorts them.

  • Abandon smoking and betel nut

In case you are trying to whiten up your Veneers,  know that you need to give up on smoking and the habit of betel nut chewing. They are the major reason for relapse and promote discoloration on the teeth surface.

  • Invest in a professional toothpaste 

There are polishing toothpastes sold over the counter and are readily available. By using them you can re boost the shining, whiteness and gloss that is present on to your veneers.

  • Take regular scaling and polishing sessions 

Before every process of teeth whitening in Dubai, scaling and polishing is a prerequisite. This generally removes the extrinsic stains from the teeth and gives a neat and clean look to the natural teeth. Same is the case with veneers. When you get a scaling session done for them then you will notice that your Veneers are looking a lot better than before. 

  • Go for professional whitening 


If your Veneers are really old and you think that they need to be refreshed then a professional treatment such as office bleaching using hydrogen peroxide over the surface can help whiten them instantly. 

The final verdict: 

Just getting Veneering done is not enough. You need to get teeth whitening for veneers within sometime or some years later so that they survive in the long run and stay white just like how they appeared initially. If you are seeking for reliable teeth whitening in Dubai then the Dynamic Clinic welcomes you with a team of dental specialists that thrive to provide quality teeth whitening treatments. 


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