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Travel and Leisure

Helicopter Rides In Mumbai City: The Best Joyride Ever


Riding above the top of the view is a very amusing thing for everyone, peeking at the splendid scenario of the blue sky, cheerful flying birds, and enormous illustrative clouds will make you fall in love with them. Helicopter rides are short joyrides that give you the ultimate pleasure. Mumbai helicopter rides are way too amazing as every year tourists visit for exploring new cities on joyrides and Mumbai is one of them. So come let us know more about the helicopter rides in Mumbai.

Bookings and timing – you can book your helicopter ride in Mumbai from 11 am to 4 pm every calendar week or you can give them a call on their assistance contact number or even simply drop an email on their respective website.



Costs charged to the respective person.

1) For 1 person

  • For 1 person the fee starts at about – 10,000rs ( 15 minutes of the ride)

and depending on the duration the cost charge will certainly rise.


2) For 2 people 

  • For 15 mins ride the cost charge is Rs.18,290. (ie. Rs.9,145 per person each).
  • For a 20 mins ride the cost is Rs. 24,190. ( ie. Rs.12,095 per person).
  • For a 30 mins ride the cost charge is Rs.35,990. (ie. Rs.17,995 per head).
  • For a 1-hour ride the cost is Rs. 72,570. ( ie. 36,285 per person).

3) For 3 people.

  • For 15 mins ride the cost charge is Rs.19,470(ie. Rs.6,490 per person).
  • For 20 mins ride the cost charge is Rs.25,370 (ie. Rs.8,457 per person).
  • For 30 mins the ride cost charge is Rs. 37,170 ( ie. Rs.12,390 per head).
  • For 1 hr of the ride the cost charge is Rs. 72,570. ( ie. Rs. 24,190 per head respectively).


Important note regarding routes

  • For a 15 minute helicopter ride, they choose the East Mumbai route for a routine purpose only if the north side is not stipulated. Yet, a runaway system at Santacruz Airport would determine the route of the air journey or joyride in Mumbai. The pathways are decided and authorized by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and also have the right to change the last-minute routes without any previous notice.

Helicopter ride exploring routes – As the ride starts from north Mumbai you are able to view many outstanding spots like Juhu beach, Aksha beach, Gorai Beach, Film city (Madh island), Pagoda, Water kingdom, and the famous Essel world too. You may also be able to glimpse Andheri Mumbai, Santacruz airport, Powai, Vihar lake, Worli sea link, Dadar Mumbai, Mahalaxmi, Haji Ali, Mulund, Thane, Goregaon, Church gate Marine Drive, Girgaon chowpatty, Wankhede stadium, church gate and so on.


Benefits of helicopter rides

1) Splendid views.

2) New viewpoint.

3) Tour experience.

4) Surprise ideal gifts.

5) Endless recollections. 


Splendid views

The amazing view will make you fall in love with the city of Mumbai. The authentic landscapes and relaxed view of the oceans, trees, alluring buildings, and many more things will persist from inside to visit there once again.

New viewpoints

New scenarios are captured with fresh blooming air of a wonderful cool aura. Here you don’t have to wait in long traffic and all because you’re going to have a ride along with lovely birds and clouds.

Tour experience

Touring on a helicopter can be a great decision as it’s a place where you can go for night outings, surprise dates, family excursions, and much more things.

Surprise ideal gifts

Helicopter rides can be an ideal surprise gift for your family and close ones for sure. As the helicopter ride is a different thing that you should visit at least once in your life.

Endless recollections

Joyrides can be a lifetime memory in our life. The marvelous natural beauty and the ceaseless oceanic views and the overall surrounding will be a smooth reminiscence for you.


Excavate the elegance of the great city of Mumbai with a fun ride and make more memories and pleasure in your hearts, don’t forget to capture the scenarios of every part of Mumbai. I hope this article helped you in knowing more about the helicopter rides in Mumbai.

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