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How To check HESCO Online Bill

Are you trying to find a copy of a HESCO online bill? The complete bill as well as the bill’s total may be seen right away. The bill’s picture is also available for printing or downloading. Enter the bill reference number in order to see your HESCO online bill. These days, it’s simple for anyone who resides outside of Pakistan and wishes to check his or her house or company bill to do so.
After the official takeover of the WAPDA power sector in 1998, the electric power distributor known as HESCO, also known as Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, started its first large-scale distribution. The business provides electricity to 12 districts in Sindh province, except Karachi, which has a separate electric producing company.
More than a million individuals now have access to electricity through this firm, and as it looks to grow, these numbers will rise. Many important cities in Sindh, notably Hyderabad, which is regarded as one of the largest cities in Pakistan and the second largest in Sindh, benefit greatly from its contribution to sustainable agriculture and industrial expansion.

How to Check HESCO Online Bill

There’s no need to drive far to find your duplicate if you misplace it. Going to a physical location is less quick, easy, and secure than utilizing our online service.
All you need to visit our website is a computer or other electronic device, an internet connection, and a copy of your most recent bill. then do these actions to collect billing information.
The actions listed below must be followed in order to check your HESCO bill.
Click the “Check your Bill” button after scrolling down.
There, enter your HESCO Reference Number.
choose “Submit”
Your duplicate bill will display on the screen.

HESCO Online Complaint

The second method is the online HESCO Complaint one. Imagine you are the victim of a grievance against the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO). Visit the official website and complete the registration form there. Put your reference number in the complaint form field. Send your complaint in after a brief draught. Once you’ve submitted it, you’ll receive a complaint number, which is essential since it will let you track down your complaint. It’s quite safe to use this ID.

What is Consumer ID?

By using the HESCO consumer ID, you may check your HESCO bill. The consumer id way to check your hesco bill online has been made available by HESCO as a result of advancements in technology. So, there is no need to fear; the consumer ID is simple to remember as it is just 10 digits long. On the reverse of your reference number, you may locate your consumer ID.

HESCO New Connection Charges & Procedure:

Your unit consumption in the property will be relevant if you just moved into a new home and wish to set up a new connection or if you currently have a meter. You are aware that how many units you consume will determine how much the bill will cost. Typically, the cost of 1 to 100 units is 19.30 rupees. The price difference for an extra unit is 20.95 if you utilize 101 units. Installing a new meter will thus only enable you to save money. On one meter, the load for your house moves, and on your second connection, the other load shifts.
Apply for the installation of a new connection. HESCO personnel will get in touch with you once you submit your application to ask for payment of the demand notice. Once all requirements have been completed, they will be able to install the meter in the upcoming days.

HESCO Bill Online Payment

If you need to pay your Hesco bill while at work or away from Pakistan, consider the following scenario. Customers have the opportunity to pay their bills using this service through HESCO’s website. When I last looked, it was not accessible. For payment, only the Pakistan Post Office or the National Bank of Pakistan are available. All government banks can now be opened with more ease as time goes on. These banks now accept in-person payments for bills.
Allied Bank Limited
Meezan Bank
Bank of Punjab
Habib Bank Limited
Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)

HESCO Bill SMS Registration

HESCO has been given a mandate by the federal government of Pakistan for SMS alerts. Before they may get SMS notifications, they must first register their real phone number. Prior to the release of a bill, consumers can get all the necessary information. Therefore, visit the HESCO View Bill website if you haven’t received your bills.
An updated email service is being offered by HESCO. After then, the customer receives their HESCO utility bill via free email services. Register for notifications before you may start receiving email alerts.

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