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Travel and Leisure

Indrahar Pass Trek: Complete Trekking Guide


Indrahar Pass is very famous among trekkers, and every year so many trekkers come to Mcleodganj, Dharamshala to do this trek. I have never been to Indrahar Pass, but I did trek to Lahesh Cave,which serves as Indrahar Pass base camp. During my trek to Lahesh Cave, some local people told me that when the road connectivity of Himachal was not as good as it is today, people used this route to travel between Kangra and Chamba. He also shared that it will take around 5 to 6 days to reach Chamba from Snowline/Terrain Glacier.

Day 1: Mcleodganj

Indrahar Pass is a very long trek, so I would not recommend you to start the trek on the same day. Yes, it is possible to start the trek on the same day you arrived, but you should take a day off at Mcleodganj and relax.

Where To Stay & Eat

There are a variety of budget options available to stay in McLeodganj. Also, there are various types of food options available.

Day 2: Snowline

Start your trekking for Snowline early in the morning. There are two ways to reach there,one way is from Gallu Devi Temple and the other way is from Bhagsu Nag Temple.

Where To Stay & Eat

There are some cafes where you can stay and eat. You can also camp outside their café with permission.

Day 3: Lahesh Cave

From Snowline,Lahesh Cave is about 5 to 6 km away. If you want,you can trek up to Indrahar Pass, but there is no place to stay. So you will have to return on the same day. So the best option for you would be to just reach to lahesh cave, enjoy the view

Where To Stay & Eat

There is no place to stay or eat. You have to camp and eat on your own,so you should have all the essentials.

Day 4: Indrahar Pass

Start your trek to Indrahar Pass early in the morning,reach Indrahar Pass, enjoy there and come back to the snowline.

Best Time To Come For Indrahar Pass


Post-April summer is the best time to visit Indrahar Pass, as during this period, you will meet many fellow travelers on your way to Indrahar Pass. During this period,all the snow will be covered by the way so that you can trek easily.


I would not recommend coming for trekking during this period, the trek will be muddy and slippery due to heavy rainfall. Also, you cannot trek during the rains, which means you do not know when the rain will interrupt your trip. So it is better that you do not come during monsoon.


You can do this hike in the early winter months (September-October). There is no heavy snowfall in the valley during this period. There will be a slight drop in the night temperature. But after October when snowfall starts then it will not be possible for you to trek. You can hike up to Triund and Snowline, but it will not be possible to trek further.

Things To Note For Indrahar Pass

Carry a good Raincoat, as the weather in the mountains is unpredictable. Carry a waterproof cover for your Backpack Carry a stick. You can trek without a trekking stick till Snowline. After that, you will require a good Trekking Stick. After Snowline you will not get any place to eat and stay. So you have to carry tents and other essentials with you. You can also book the Trek from the local travel agency, or online Bring some good winter jackets with you Get power banks and other battery backup essentials. Bring a torch. Don’t exceed your bag weight with unnecessary things. Not recommendable if you are doing trekking for the first time Moderate to the difficulty level of trekking. You must have proper gear such as clothing for sub-zero temperature, trekking shoes, raincoat, etc.

How You Can Do The Indrahar Pass Trek

If you are an experienced trekker and have a few people with you,you can do this group yourself. If you are alone and do not want to carry heavy luggage, you can book a trek online from any travel agency. Or you can book a local guide from Mcleodganj who will arrange everything for you as per your directions.

Cost Of Indrahar Pass Trek

If you are willing to book a trek,the cost depends on the trekking agency and the service they are going to provide. But the average cost of Indrahar pass trek will be between 4000 to 8000.

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