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Travel and Leisure

Overcoming Your Fear of Flying: All Our Advice

Although flying is one of the safest forms of transportation in the world, fear of flying remains a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of people. Indeed, it is estimated that approximately 30% of the population is affected by aviophobia to varying degrees. The very idea of ​​being suspended tens of kilometers above the ground, locked in a narrow space with dozens of other passengers, triggers atavistic fears in many of us. But there are tricks to lessen our fear.
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Airplane phobia is taken very seriously by those whose job is to look after thousands of the US travel bloggers every day. Aircrew and pilots know better than anyone how to deal with the fear of flying, whether it occurs at the start of the mother daughter trips or only in special cases such as severe turbulence.

Fear of flying: how to fight it?

And it’s from a French pilot of the Air France company, that we have some suggestions to release the grip of our fears, in order to enjoy a more peaceful flight. There are, for example, courses that aim to address the fears that most often cause problems for passengers, so that they can arrive prepared for their journey.


In some airports, on the other hand, a real pet therapy service has been set up. Did you know that dogs can do wonders to soothe the anxiety and panic caused by the imminent departure of a flight? However, it can happen that the fear suddenly arises when you are already at a high altitude.


It may not sound like much, but taking a deep breath. Holding your breath for a few seconds, and then exhaling for a long time helps ease the panic. Combine deep breathing with muscle contraction (for example, squeezing the buttocks tightly) to feel the tension release.

Don’t keep your fear of flying to yourself: talk openly to the cabin crew, who will help you in every way to make your mother daughter trips as pleasant as possible. You can ask the attendants as many questions as you want. And you may be reassured by the speed of their responses. A practical method for driving anxiety out of the plane is through visualization.


When you feel fear rising in you, immediately think of something pleasant. A useful tip is to think about when you get off the plane. And meet your loved ones, or when you arrive at your vacation spot.

Segment your trip

If you are aware that you suffer from this fear of flying, you can also prepare yourself. Experts recommend breaking up a long flight into half-hour sections. Each of which should be devoted to a different activity. you can read, play on your smartphone. Watch an episode of your favorite TV series, listen to good music, eat a meal. Or do anything that can help you take your mind off things.

Finally, did you know that technology can be of great help in case of a phobia of the plane? There are apps that you can conveniently download to your smartphone. That allow you to listen to relaxing music and follow meditation sessions specifically designed to overcome your fear of flying.

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