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Realization of a Video in Motion design to Communicate on an Internal Process

Large groups and/or multinationals are daily confronted with the problem of internal communicate.

For these video companies near me, whose personnel are often dispersed on a planetary scale, it is necessary to communicate while respecting the values ​​of the brand.

It is for this reason that more and more brands are opting to produce videos in motion design…

We can thus cite Groupe SEB, which is known worldwide in the household appliance sector.

With some thirty brands on the counter, the group is now present in more than 150 countries and employs nearly 34,000 people worldwide.

The French brand has a strong corporate culture and places people at the heart of its concerns.

Also, to promote the careers of its staff, it has developed its internal mobility process.

To present its project effectively and in record time to its employees, the group has chosen to use an innovative, original and dynamic film format.

The stages of making a video in motion design

There are six essential steps to follow to make a motion design video:

– Writing the script,

– Developing the storyboard,

–  Creating the models,

– Recording the voiceover,

–  Creating the animations,

–  Editing the video,

Writing the script to produce the video in motion design

We determine, in collaboration with the human resources department of Groupe SEB, the guideline of the story: “Julia”, employee of the group, will tell us about the problems she encounters in her professional environment and the tools put in place by Groupe SEB to respond. Finally, a “voice-over” will guide the viewer for a better understanding and assimilation of the process.

The language barrier is no longer an obstacle to understanding the message.

The development of the storyboard

The agency is also developing a storyboard. Made from rough sketches, it gives an overview of the project before moving on to the work of creating the animated visual.

In other words, the storyboard will serve as a support to direct and animate the different stages of the development of the video in motion design.

The creation of models for the realization of the video in motion design

After a long research and analysis work, the graphic designer develops several models under the direction of our director. In this way, we will determine the graphic style and the environment in which the characters will evolve.

Recording the voiceover to produce the video in motion design

The client first selects a voice-over from among the proposals made by the agency. Then once the voiceover has been chosen, we proceed to the recording in the sound studio so that the motion designer can stage the characters and thus give rhythm to the story.

Creation of animations

Now it’s time to move on to making the animation. From the visuals and characters created by our graphic designer, the motion designer brings the illustrations to life

The editing of the video

Finally, our Chief Editor takes care of the assembly of all the elements produced upstream, namely the voiceover and the animations, and inserts royalty-free background music via editing software.

It’s no secret that to communicate well in a company, you need the right tools.

Our production company near me specializes in the creation of motion design videos. Our audiovisual professionals are at your disposal to analyze your needs, advise you, and carry out your projects in the image of your company.

Script writing, visual creation, voice-over recording, editing, animation of titles…

We take care of all the production stages.

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