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Side effects of taking an overdose of medicine

What will happen from a medicine overdose

A medicine overdose is when we take extra than the regular or recommended quantity of medicine. overdose might also additionally bring about serious, dangerous signs or death.  If you’re taking an excessive amount of medicine on purpose,  known as an intentional or planned overdose. If the overdose occurs via way of mistake,  known as an unexpected overdose.  Your fitness care company might also additionally check with an overdose as ingestion. Ingestion approach you swallowed something.  An overdose isn’t similar to poisoning, even though the consequences may be the same. Poisoning takes place while a person or something (including the environment) exposes you to risky chemicals, plants, or different dangerous materials without your knowledge. 


What will happen from a medicine overdose

As you know  Most medicines have risks and benefits for our health and body some medicine can be addictive or cause side effects on our body .medicine is toxic if you take too much and it’s all toxic if you take them at the same time as some other medicine. if you take too much medicine as known as medicine  overdoes 


overdoes are considered if you take medicine by mistake and also if you use the wrong medicine for your disease its must dangerous for your body and health and it’s also cold medicine overdoes.


Medicine overdose symptoms 

medicine overdose affects the entire body and the person who consumes medicine overdoses, here are some common side effects of a medicine overdose


.  A person who takes medicine overdoes changes skin temperature and the color of the skin   had blue lips and fingertips and Facial discoloration 


. Is not Breathing their breathing is shallow 


. Unconsciousness and awake but unable to speak


. Rapid, slow, and irregular heartbeat


. Specific medicine can damage specific body Oregan. Depending on the medicine and Quantity of medicine


. Stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea are possible. blood Vomiting, or blood in bowel movements, can be life-threatening


Take Care yourself of these medicines



The most common cause of people who are hospitalized for accidental overdose is paracetamol. Taking too much paracetamol can be yellow eyes (jaundice), and, low blood sugar, liver damage, and death.

It’s very important to get medical help or treatment as much as possible if you take too much paracetamol because so it has many dangerous side effects and the damage can occur even before you experience  side effects paracetamol 


Diabetes Medicines 


If you have Diabetes and take too much Diabetes medicine it can cause your blood sugar level to drop too low. And This can develop into a serious situation if you have not noticed it so here is some following side effects of diabetes symptoms


. severe stomach pain and abdominal cramps.

. diarrhea.

. chest pain.

. dizziness.

. loss of balance.

. loss of coordination.

. being unresponsive, but awake.


Pain killer 

when there is a little pain in the body, we quickly use pain killer medicines. By doing this we get relief at that time but these pain killers also leave their side effects inside our bodies. and if we consume too much pain killer so it’s too harmful to our body and health  In many cases, taking painkillers also becomes a habit and people start consuming them regularly. According to doctors, using painkillers without the advice and for a long time can harm your body. Even consuming too much of it can kill your life.

. You should never take painkillers on an empty stomach


sleeping pill


some people resort to sleeping pills to sleep, and there are some who take sleeping pills to forget the right stress for a while, but eating sleeping pills in excess, it affects our body to a great extent. No matter how active you are, you cannot call yourself healthy. But if you are overweight, then you should never forget to take a sleeping pill because it can prove fatal for you.


Self-first aid for overdose


If you think you have accidentally taken an overdose of medicine:


. keep calm

. As soon as possible contact your nearest doctor or hospital and get your checkup done.

. Check your breathing and keep an eye on your condition until help arrives.

. Try not to accidentally vomit.

. abstain from eating or drinking anything


If you are accidentally taking overdose medicine please take care of yourself and follow the instructions mentioned on my blog. And if you do not know about its side effects then please do not take the medicine and make sure that the e-pharmacy from which you are buying the medicine is guiding you completely and giving you the correct information about the medicine. And whatever medicine you are consuming, keep in mind whether it is good for your health or not, buy the medicine carefully and take care of yourself and if you want to buy the medicine then you can buy it from indimedo online pharmacy, this The pharmacy guides you well and explains the advantages and disadvantages of the medicine. indimedo online pharmacies deliver medicine all over  India.


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