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Self Improvement

Ways to Attract and Retain Talent Through the Good Resignation No One Is Talking About

There are more than 11 million job vacancies in the United States, according to the February 2022 report from the US Bureau of Labor. With more vacancies than people looking to work, your organization may struggle to attract and retain talent. So, what can you do to attract and keep the best employees during the big resignation?

To learn how companies could better manage their employment challenges, the Speakers Bureau reached out to keynote speaker Eric Termuende, author of Rethink Work. Eric has interviewed thousands of employees and executives from coast to coast to understand what separates great companies from others (and you can read more in his newsletter). Eric said it’s not just raising salaries or providing greater benefits to attract talent. Your company also needs to think about its culture. And be in touch with a professional motivational speaker to get the job done.

Don’t be everything to everyone

Many companies strive to be the perfect place to work for everyone, Eric said. However, your company will not have the right culture for every employee. Unless you intentionally define who, you are as a company and who would work best in your company, you won’t find the right people to fill your positions.

Sometimes the culture and uniqueness of an organization gets lost when trying to cast a wide net to bring people in. When you’re trying to be everything to everyone, Eric said you can kick bodies out; however, these people might not want to stay. Or you might not want them to stay.

Eric said there was no prescription for the “best place to work”. Some employees and organizations like remote work, some like desktop work, and some like the hybrid model. He suggested companies do some soul-searching about what the corporate culture really is so that the organization can attract and retain the type of people who fit that culture well.

Don’t try to keep everyone

Likewise, Eric suggested that you don’t need to spend time trying to keep people around if they don’t fit the work culture. Businesses have to ask themselves; do you just need someone to fill a role, or do you want to hire someone who really wants to be in your business? If a person doesn’t fit the real work culture of your company, they will leave anyway to find a suitable company. Instead, try to entice the right employees in the first place.

Introduce successful employees

One way to find people who fit your culture is to highlight existing employees who are successful in the company. Eric said to get these employees talking about the life they live working. At your company and the life they should lead outside of work. These instances will show possible employees what the job culture is like. The idea, Eric said. Is to use existing employees as case studies of how employees can succeed. And be phenomenal in their role to attract top talent. The type of people who will flourish your business.

Ultimately, if you want to attract and retain talent during the Great Resignation, your business needs to do some soul-searching. You must know who you are. When you know who your business is, you’ll stop trying. To be everything to everyone, let go of employees who aren’t doing well. And use successful employees to attract talent who will want to stay.

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